Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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Re: wrong again

cityphotographer wrote:

Pros can work with 10Ds and D70s with no problem.

  • Maybe they can. But they don't. Neither me, nor any other pro that I'm personally familiar with. Nikon D3 or D3x, Canon 1D Mark III or 1Ds Mark III, or 5D Mark II. People do sometimes keep the older body as a backup only in case the first one breaks down in the middle of an assignment. As for the difference in IQ, I can tell you that a certain wedding photographer that I know was so impressed with 5D Mark II image quality, that she bought 2 bodies at once - one as main and one for backup. And sold her older models to people like our OP for (comparatively) peanuts. Which made them very happy (same as our OP), because they now can afford a great camera which they - being amateurs - could or would possibly not afford before.

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