Split image/ Micro Prism Focusing Screens for Nikon D700

Started Apr 4, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Split image/ Micro Prism Focusing Screens for Nikon D700

I tried a couple of different screens on my D300 and the Katz screen was by far the best in terms of usability as a focusing aid, however all of them messed with the metering in a variable manner (ie, there was no fixed amount of compensation you could use, the amount the meter was off varied with the scene, and it didn't really matter whether you used matrix, centre-weighted or spot (unless the spot you chose was well out from the central prism or the microprism region around it))..

Basically for me, the situation was that it didn't matter if I had 100% focus vs. the 90+% that I got using AF if it meant that 100% of the time, I had to figure out and compensate for the fact that the screen messed up the metering..

I sent the screens back, and one of the companies (NOT Katz, they were very good about it), ripped me off and did not process my refund (I'm not going to say which one other than to say that they were one of the pricier companies, and they are on your list)..

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