Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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wrong again

MICHAEL_61 wrote:

  • The question is how dare you talk in such a way with nothing to

show to prove yourself?

I dare , I dare .

and in case you still don't get it I'll dare again, and again. Until I decide to do something else.

  • I agree that a pro CAN work with an older model. But I insist that

most pros would not do it. It's not about gadgets, it's about tools
of trade - it's quite sane and normal to use the best if one can
afford it.

wrong again.

from the 1D and 10D and d100/fuji S2 only nikon and sony made real substantial improvements: all the rest is pretty much the same offer with new gadgets. Pros can work with 10Ds and D70s with no problem. If you didn't know that then you don't belong to that category.

plain & simple

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