Buy 50D now or wait for the 60D

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Re: Buy 50D now or wait for the 60D

I have to question some of the replies. It would seem, some would have you not buy anything. Truth be told, the 50D is a gorgeous camera...but it can only be as good as the glass that you put in front of it, that supports the resolution of the sensor. The only real EF-S lens that makes this baby shine (somewhat), is the 17-55 but the prime lenses are still the best. Just like when the 1D was first announced, people were displeased with the results of the high res sensor with the current line of glass. The EF-S line of lenses seem to be a generation behind the big boy glass "optically." That being said, the 50D on today's EF-S glass, doesn't do the camera justice. Shooting the 50D on the typical EF-S glass, barely makes it any better than the 40D in the IQ department and all you really notice is the additional noise, due to the higher res. To really benefit from the extra detail gained by this sensor, the EF-S line has to evolve and it eventually will, therefore, the prime of this camera has yet to be seen, unless, you have the money to drop the money on a nice prime lens. So, why buy a camera such as the 60D or 70D when we're still waiting for the EF-S glass to catch up to the crop sensor cameras? Just like a PC graphics card or operating system, it really doesn't shine until it's about to be phased out and that is because it has had time to have the bugs worked out and has reached it's apex. For instance, I was a bit upset when Microsoft released Vista, they just managed to work the kinks out of XP but if you wanted direct X 10, you had to jump up to the buggy resource hog of an operating system. Get a 50D now, it will last you a good 2-3 years...or more.

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