Japan - exports fall in half

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Glen Barrington
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Re: FDR was a failure

Midwest Shutterbug wrote:

Thank you for that well reasoned, detailed & insightful Commentary.

To think, generations of Presidental Scholars have had it , so wrong,
for so long.

Guess Bubba was right, Ivy League educations sure ain't worth much.
Dave Patterson

I guess Bubba WAS right!. An Ivy League education, any education really (if you can call it that) is valueless if all it teaches you is to cling desparately to one side of an argument without considering the alternative interpretations. What I find disheartening isn't your left wing political beliefs, it is the refusal to consider, or even hear the other side.

How can we have a dialog if you discount every person who disagrees with you as a right wing nut? I know you never said I was a nut, but your contempt and sarcasm shines thru, it is clear you want me to think you consider me some sort of slack jawed cretin. Unfortunately, that is all too common as a liberal tactic.

When I was a liberal, not so long ago, and I encountered some aspect of liberal ideology that I found disturbing and needed to work trough, I quickly learned that I had better not bring it up with my college professors or other liberal students. The humilliation and peer pressure to shut up and conform was relentless.

Yet when I would bring up my questions to conservatives, I always got a fair hearing and and an attempt at a rational explanation. They weren't always right in my mind, but they were always polite and they LISTENED. It quickly became obvious to me that intellectual inquiry and growth can only come from the right. Not from the left.

If I were to quote an article from , say, "American Spectator", or "National Review", I'm willing to bet you'd deride it as Right wing claptrap not worthy of the paper it uses. True, I've made fun of the NY Times, but I READ the NY Times, at least often enough to know what kind of crapola it publishes. Have you read a conservative periodical in the last year? Have you EVER even looked between the covers of the 'American Spectator"?

No, I know I won't remain a Republican forever, already my beliefs are changing. But I DO know that traditional left wing politics simply CAN'T provide a framework for any sort of intellectual growth.
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