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Re: The true test ...

RedFox88 wrote:

But I heard an interesting concept about art sharpness. A very well

known painter that has a well known painting show, during one of his
shows said not to make very sharp defined lines. But make them more
soft which gives a more spacious and open feeling. This would be the
opposite of having a lot of sharp detail in a piece of artwork such
as a photographic print. I've always thought that a photo print that
is too sharp looks too digital and can have an impression on the
viewer that may not necessarily be good. Why make it look sharper
than it would if viewed the original subject with your own eyes??

Very true. I guess that why we have e.g. soft focus lenses for portraits.

But of course I prefer my camera to make as sharp images (compared to my prints needs) as possible. Then it's upto me and my skills to make the images and prints to look as peasing as I can. Softness can be created without problems but true sharpness comes only with high enough resolution.

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