BG-E2N Grip shows low battery too soon

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BG-E2N Grip shows low battery too soon

With my 40D + 17-85mmIS lens and new BG-E2N battery grip, the grip reports a much lower battery reading than what's really left when using 1 battery. If I put in 1 fresh battery in the grip, it will switch to the "flashing low battery" warning after only 400 shots. I'll keep shooting for a total of 1000 shots before the battery actually dies. Without the grip, I'll easily go to about 900 shots before the low battery warning comes on and when it dies at 1000 shots. I've tried 2 different Canon oem batteries and the same thing occurs when only 1 battery is in the battery grip. I'm trying 2 batteries now at the same time but I have a feeling I'll get the same thing. It's just concerning when you get the low battery and have to count your number of shots so you know when it will really die when using the grip.

So far I've done the following troubleshooting:

  • Tried two different batteries (one at a time) in the grip.

  • Tried both battery slots on the grip (one at a time)

  • Cleaned contacts on grip

  • Disconnected and reinserted grip (with/without batteries) multiple times with multiple power cycling

  • Ensured grip is secure (not loose)

It seems a couple of others have had this issue.

1. Is this common?

2. Does it occur when only using 1 battery in the grip as well as 2 batteries in the grip?
3. I havn't tried the fix below in the 2nd link...any one tried it?
4. Any suggestions?

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