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millan wrote:

thanx for reply. I managed to find
( http://www.pbase.com/pganzel/image/92724599 ) the spectrum of xenon
flashtube goes pretty far in the infrared wavelengths, in the case it
isn't filtered. However, there is a question whether flash gun
manufacturers use filtration or not. I'm interested in infrared
studio photography, that's why I'm looking for some details.


There is an IR component in camera flash outputs. Thats actually how most wireless flashes 'talk' to each other, and I've typically used an IR filter to block visible light and then use one flash to optically trigger others via IR. You'll need a digital camera that will detect IR output, if you don't intend on using a film camera and IR film.

Sunpak used to make a flash with a modular (interchangable) Infrared Zoom Flash Head - and you might want to check with B&H and see if its still available, or if they have alternatives.


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