what should Olympus do?!

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good points for CF, thanks

CompactFlash has been faster and more future-proof, that's true. I also like no exposed contacts. I dislike the amount of space it takes up in a camera, though. I just feel they are way too large and need to slim down and the ideal format to switch to is SD, IMO.

Not to say SD is perfect (I have suffered from the switch from SD to SDHC), but no flash memory format is perfect. As for SDHC and moving beyond 32GB; it might be an issue in the coming 2-4 years to me)... no immediate plans to go beyond that anytime soon. I don't think it will be half as big an issue as SD to SDHC because of the relatively generous storage support.

xD just makes it very hard to recommend any Olympus cams that rely solely on it. Management at Olympus really needs to wake up and drop it soon.

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