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Re: Printer for home Graphic Design

Thank you Tom and Jason for your opinions

Tom Monego wrote:

For jobs like you are describing a print shop should be less
expensive than anything you could do at home. Also for 300 pounds,
you aren't going to get a printers that is to your specs or is cost

You would think so, unless im going to the wrong shops i have found them to be expensive in the sense i wouldn't pay that much for, so wouldn't expect a client to do so. My clients so far have been mostly family who dont always want 100's of prints usually below 100.

Offset or laser printing is less expensive than photo printing.

My original plan was for a A4 laser, but found that printing of card stock wasn't going to happen. Unless there is a laser that can do card stock that i have missed.

I do try and get the best price for clients and cheapest especially because i am new to the field of freelance, I haven't really branched out in the field yet due to other commitments at the moment.

JasonReplica wrote:

It is quite possible to do very short run colour jobs on a small
colour laser printer depending on your expectations of quality and
cost - and even with the expansion into digital print by many print
companies you may be better off doing it yourself if you know how too
approach things like colour management, paper sourcing and accurate
print estimating.

If there is a laser that can help me thats great - i forget to mention in my 1st post i would like to use similar stock you might use in your print company 220-280gsm. I not all clued up about digital print or how it works or if its possible in home?

Thanks Jason for your offer to discuss further. Like you said hopefully we can get a good discussion from everyone off here and see what we can come up with

Thanks again guys.

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