SX200IS vs. TZ7 / ZS3

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Re: SX200IS vs. TZ7 / ZS3

Jyrki Leskelä wrote:

Flemming wrote:

I was in favour of ZS3 but now I am leaning back toward SX200.

ZS3 seems to have these problems:

  • problems chopping playback of video on pc, not my computer but a

problem with European pal versions according to other threads - US
ntsc version should be okay.. this problems is still to be confirmed,
but it will leave the ZS3 as a loser in video.....

That is not a ZS3/TZ7 problem. You need to update your codecs and
choppy playback goes away. It is bit unfair to blame camera when the
problem is in user/computer.

It’s also could be a problem with a speed of the memory card used in the camera. The memory card might not be fast enough to handle the HD video stream.

You also seem to forget those who complain that SX200IS videos have
choppy playback too. Same solution apply here too: update your codecs.

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Jyrki Leskelä

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