How come apple doesn't have these???

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Andrew Mitchell Senior Member • Posts: 1,709
Re: With Me, It's Been Worth Purchasing A "New Model Mac" , :-)

BRJR wrote:

1. They seem to last for a very long time before I need to replace

2. For example, I am still using the same iMac G5 (typing this up on
it, this very moment), I purchased new in 2005; though, I am using
8TB of external storage with it.

3. I am still using the same MacBook, that I purchased new two years
ago, though I do have 3TB of external storage attached to it, except
for the times it's used as my travel computer,

4. The way both of these Mac computers still work so well in meeting
my needs, working off my wireless, broad-band, high-speed internet
connection, and with my iPods, iPhone, Apple TV, and software
packages ------ I am in no hurry to upgrade at all to new
computer(s), at this time. I especially still like my matted screen
iMac G5, as with my glossy screen MacBook, it provides me with the
best of both types of screens--without having had to purchase anymore
equipment, as of yet. The new Apple iMac & MacBook, MacBook Pros,
will likely go through a number of additional improvements/models,
before I need to purchase one,

Quite right, sir. My 2 main computers are:

G4 eMac (works perfectly)
24" white iMac, with lovely matte screen.

Also, in an office, I still use

G4 iMac (so old I can't remember when I bought it!)

I only buy when something dies, which (touch wood) hasn't happened in several years).

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BRJR ....(LOL, some of us are quite satisfied as Hobbyists ..)

shuttrrbug wrote:

I feel like being ripped off by apple. Especially in these tough
economic times. While it seems like everyone is lowering their prices
on almost everything, apple seems to stuck to their guns. On a
related note, I found this comparison of deals on the iMacs new and
old. Do you think these are good deals? I am trying to justify this

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Andrew (Brit expat in Taipei, Taiwan since 1985)

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