5D - Underwater kit recomendations or experiences?

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Ikelite... but...

I have an ikelite setup for my 30D and I'm really happy with it. I'm eventually going to get a housing for my 5D2, but I'm still a bit over-protective to bring it underwater (even though I'm totally confident with my 30D).

Recent pics from Feb in the Bahamas: http://mikebrum.com/bahamas-vacation-2009/

The issue with the Ike housings is that they don't fit the largest diameter lenses (such as the 16-35 and 24-70). Ikelite is the most affordable "professional" underwater housing manufacturer - so to upgrade to someone that can fit those larger lenses, you're looking to spend A LOT more for your housing.

Personally, I find that I shoot at the extremes underwater - 15mm fishey or 100mm macro. Zooming isn't really something I'm that interested in while diving. I have a dedicated zoom dome port for my 17-85 but never use it in favor of the 15mm. I'm going to get a port extension for my 35L for those few situations where I don't want to be as wide as the 15mm - but I'm thinking that'll be a minority of what I shoot.

You'll want to get at least one strobe (probably a DS-160 - the DS-51 isn't powerful enough IMO) and optimally 2 - though you could wait on this a bit pending what you're shooting.

I think most of this comes down to

A) your budget
B) what you're planning on shooting and

C) how deep you plan on going. If you're looking to stay within the top 10', then a surf housing might be enough and some can offer room for a speedlight.

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