How many MBs has a 15 MP raw photo?

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Re: How many MBs has a 15 MP raw photo?

bermo1 wrote:

SullyC5R-427 wrote:

The info about the file size and number of pics/gb is available on
Canon's site.

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can you send a link where i can find it.

but 16-23MB are very big i think. thats appr. what a 5dm2 produces.
when sully write the link we all know more.
on my next trip i´m going to take 1000-1500 perhaps 2000 pictures.
that would be a lot of storage i have to buy... damn that would be
thanks to all for the answers.

You need to go to the Canon site and look up the technical specs for the camera. For example, I use a 5DII and here are the specs including file size for each shooting mode, then divide that into the size of the card. This info is also availabe in the user manual as well.

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