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Here's the real 3D


FF 18MP, digic V, true 14 bit capture
ISO 50-12800 normal, ISO 25 and 25600 expanded, 1 stop cleaner than 5D II
7fps, 21 RAW
full sealing
100% VF with on demand grid, virtual horizon function

29pt AF, 15 f/5.6 x-type points, 7 high precison f/4 x-type points (all around centre point), AF to f/8 with the 7 inner points
AI servo uses colour and distance information
3.5" OLED Screen with tilt and swivel, 800x600 = 1.44Md, colour managed,
- + 5EV exposure scale
DRO and HTP, 5 levels
1/400 X-sync
60-1/8000 shutter
Auto ISO, ISO 50-12800
3, 5 or 7 shot AEB
Flash with GN 19 at ISO 100
Inbuilt wireless flash control and basic GPS
1920x1080p video with selectable 24, 25 and 30fps
Phase detect AF in LV at 3x the speed of 5D II, 5x, 7.5x and 10x magnification
Battery meter with 1% readout
Programmable button for storing upto 7 configurations
2800mAh battery with 3000 RAW shots per charge
Dual card slots, 1 UDMA CF slot, 1 SDX slot
512MB internal buffer
900g, slightly larger than 5D II
40 custom functions


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