Sony DSC F717 C:13:01 memory stick error FIXED

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Sony DSC F717 C:13:01 memory stick error FIXED

I had all of a sudden the dreaded C:13:01 error, where no memory stick could be read any more. While searching on the web, I came upon this beautiful page on Val Tenyotkin's Website. There the instructions are comprehensively laid out, thanks Val.

Before I undertook this serious operation, I tried the usual methods:

Reset the camera,
Push the stick in and out fast many times,
Tried all my different memory sticks,
Lubricated the contacts…

All to no avail, nothing worked

Then I followed the above instructions. It’s a very fiddly job, and the greatest difficulty was to remove the screws inside. The reason was Loctite (a sort of glue for screws). Every screw was glued in place. The screws are so very small, that I had to put some sort of vice on the screwdriver in order to put downward force onto the little screws to break the seal. It’s very easy to mess up the small Philips head screws.

Anyway, I disassembled the camera as per instructions and I went one step further by taking the memory bay apart and cleaned it.

Here are the pictures I took after leaving off from Val’s instructions. Keep in mind, they are not meant to win any art awards.

I am happy to say, the camera works again like a charm

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Bernd Taeger

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