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Re: Why do I even bother?

Maybe Superfetch is a "love or hate" service for some people.

When the computer has nothing to do, I prefer it being quite and not
perform all kind of performance tuning in the background.
The noise from the hard drive when the computer should be quite is
something that some people dislike. I am not sure if Microsoft engineers think
about this when designing new OS features.

With solid state hard drives people of course will not hear any hard drive noise.

Your answers are good. And I for sure can be a little silly now and then.

But a conclusion there should be. My conclusion is:

If you feel Vista boot is very slow and you have hard drive noise "all the time",
disable Superfetch and see if it gets better. If not just enable it again.

Hard drive noise "all the time" is not only because of Superfetch, but I feel
this thread should end now... so enough said.

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