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Imedion & Powerex are they the best?


Thanks for the other test results. It was nice too see the Maha Imedion low discharge batteries (one's I use) were rated #1. Kodak was very close. While in the test of 2700 Nihm batteries the Maha Powerex came out on top even after 3 months. In this test Powerex was about 20% better then Kodak.

The test of both the low discharge & regular 2700 Mah in a Nikon Sb-800 indicates althought the low discharge batteries has a lower rate of discharge in the perior tested the 2700 Mah althought a little higher discharge rate still has considerable charge left after 3 months. Part of this might be attributable to the low discharge being 2000-2100 Mah to start compared to the regular Nihm being 2700 Mah. I "think" the disparity would be greater after 6 months but no tests done.

The above brings to point the dpreview test and the issue raised in comments about the test as to whether if there is only a 5% difference is the purchase of low discharge worth the money. When the dpreview test was done both types of batteries sold for about $5 each when today $2.50-$3 is an avergae price.

It does raise a question in my mine as to whether I should buy anymore low discharge batteries. But, I do have to say I have seen a greater discharge in the 2000 Mah betteries I have left sitting around then the 2700Mah battery test would indicate. However, my last purchase was for 2700 Mah batteries.

So while low discharge has stayed at 2000-2100 mah the regular has incread from 2000 to 2700mah and will probably more in the future. So the gap will probably decrease even more.

When I go on a trip I usually make sure all my batteries are charged so for photo equipment these tests are illuminating but not impactful.

Nikon D300o


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