HZ15W vs. Panasonic TZ5

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Re: WB500 movie example to download

dsignori wrote:

serpa4 wrote:

Seems the Pana is the superior camera. It looks like the photos are
all about the same till you pixel peep, which I don't do very often
at all. Maybe the WB550 will be better at +2 MP, but that will
probably make it worse. Love the comparissions side by side. I wish
a good review of 550 would come out. I've seen many videos of the
500 and 550 and they seem very good. Not sure why this sites video
were not too good. TZ7 video seem FAR superior to the other two. I
may have to forgo manual controls for tz7.

I thought the Canon video looked better than the Panny one ..

I agree. Especially in good light, the quality of the SX200 video is better than the Panasonic, Samsung, or any other 720p digital camera video I've seen. It has the highest bitrate and the most detail in each frame, and it even has manual sharpness, contrast, and saturation controls along with AE lock and exposure compensation. You have to balance that, however, against the loss of zooming and AE while filming and stereo audio. Besides being mono, the audio is pretty good quality, being uncompressed at 44KHz. It does clip at concert level audio, though. I decided that image quality mattered more to me then the other features, and got the Canon.

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