help: microdrive lost files

Started Aug 5, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Re: help: microdrive lost files

To restore the files, I'll suggest scandisk too, and I did it successfully in a number of similar occasions. However, I suspect that bad sectors are building up in the FAT area of your MD, perhaps a "slow format" can help marking them.

kater wrote:

My 2 year old 1 gig microdrive named some files as "w" the other day.
This weekend, it named old files "c" and the entire picture shoot
from yesterday seems to not be there (although I viewed several
images while taking photos). What are the first steps? I assume my
computer can do a scandisk, but I wanted to look here first for
(My 340 gig microdrive,a couple months ago, seems to need
formatting but camera does not "fix" it).

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