Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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Re: why did you buy a 5D? Because I know the seller

Amazing how fast and skeptical people are around here. I bought it from a friend, she has 3 cameras, this one has so little use that the buttons and wheel barely have been turned.

She upgraded, I win. Plus the D3 and 1D series doesn't do what a full frame 5D does for my 24MM TS-e. I sold the 1dS2 an got a 1D3 and now the 5D makes my 24mm TS-e a happy camper. I forgot to update my gear list.

RedFox88 wrote:

You have a d3 and a 1Ds2 both of which out perform the 5D in most cases.

And it is HIGHLY unlikely your 5D had the shutter fire only 100
times. There is no way to know how many actuations a 5D has.
Switching CF cards, having JPGs on a card from another camera,
formatting a CF card in another unit, etc. can switch the file number
set as the next file name.

Plus since EXIF only allows for 4 digits in the file name, the
numbering resets to 0001 after you hit 9999. It seems like the EXIF
standard should be updated to allow for 6 digits such as 020000.jpg
instead of 1234.jpg

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