Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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Re: another one?

cityphotographer wrote:

what exactly "people" said again?


da Clients?

they said that to you?



you are funny.

  • Yes, really. What's so funny about it?

and one more thing> you don't have a "studio" .. you know it, I know
it ..

  • Of course I have a studio, those photos were shot in it: (40).html (56).html (77).html (9).html (8).html (36).html

as well as many others. I'm not pretending - I've got thousands of my photos published throghout the years. And you don't even seem to have a web-site. So there is no way of knowing if the standard of your work (assuming it exists) gives you the right to be a troll.

get lost

  • When you were a kid, did your parents ever wash your big mouth with soap? To, like, discourage this way of talking to people? You know, I'm not answering you here - not my level of conversation. Just posting for the benefit of other people, so that they could see who's who.

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