Uncle tells me #1 diff between his cam and pro cam

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Somewhat seriously...

Reading the march Photo Pro Magazine last night, a feature on wedding photographers had some advice from UK pro Gary Walsh (www.pawspetphotography.co.uk)

Mr. Walsh mentioned that he likes to take a few of what he calls "signature shots" that "the average wedding guest is going to be unable to match."

The sample shot is a night photo with the giant old mansion in the background, floodlit, and the bride and groom almost silouetted, but seperated from the background with rim light coming from one remote flash (gelled, too), and a streaming train, lit by a second remote flash.

His point is that a good pro can do something more complicated, to get a step ahead of the relatives and other guests.

As for the original uncle-comment... I did lookup a few fancy cameras in the DPR camera database, and yes, some of the most expensive do not have auto modes, but some cameras that many pros do use have lots of auto modes, and both the athlete/sports mode and the night portrait mode look pretty useful to me.

All the low-priced D-SLR cameras seem to have these modes, and only a few of the pro-level cameras, so the uncle has things backwards.

Now, as far as those "picture styles" or whatever they are called...bright and vivid and neutral and faithful, and so on... doesn't Fuji even name these after real films? -- those are auto modes that work pretty well.

But regardless of camera, it does help to know how much an 85mm lens gets into the picture when getting prepared to take engagement photos.


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