Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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another one?

MICHAEL_61 wrote:

  • See above. Typical situation, happened just couple of days ago:

people came to discuss the studio shoot, I showed them some results
from a (similar) previous one as described above. They said 'WOW WOW
WOW'. Well, I've got a 30-inch monitor.
To sum it up - I don't think it's gadgets, I think it's more like
tools of trade.

please please

let me get this straight:

what exactly "people" said again?


da Clients?

they said that to you?



you are funny.

and one more thing> you don't have a "studio" .. you know it, I know it ..



sooo funny

let's talk about gadgets and enthusiasts pretending to be the real thing.

but (you wanna know something?)

it shows.. believe me (it does)

the other pretender before said that his "clients" tell him "ehy do you have the new super cool gadget?"

now you with this WOW thing at another gadget

people... get a life

P.S.: you have a 30" monitor? WOW.. really?


you must be a pro then. LOL

get lost

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