Why Sony will never rule the world....

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Re: Why Sony will never rule the world....

Unfortunately I have also found Sony to have a patchy track record when it comes to devices I have bought. I had a Sony mobile (before the days of Sony Ericsson) which went away under warranty (and took two months) to be replaced. Not long after I got a Nokia. My Sony hi-fi was DOA at home so I drove back to the store and got another unit (which is still going faultlessly 15 years later). I bought a Sony Trinitron TV which died within the first month and was eventually given a replacement unit because it took so long to fix the first - but the replacement is still going well after 14 years. It is also true, however, that our Aiwa VCR was found faulty when I got it home and a replacement unit was required and that my original Binatone analogue cordless phone was replaced no less than 3 times under warranty. When the third one went wrong I stood in the store and made a nuisance of myself until I got a full refund and then bought a Panasonic one instead. So it might just be that I am (or was) an electronics Jonah and no matter what I bought the first unit always had to be replaced.

My first good Sony was my TRV-33 camcorder. In fact it still works fine, despite never having been treated that well. I'm glad it did too, because it arrived just three days before a long trip to Australia and, whilst I was sure it would break down because all Sony's do I wouldn't have been pleased if it had. It didn't. Was our Sony jinx finally broken? That same holiday saw the demise of the girlfriend's trusty Olympus compact and the decision was made to finally go digital. After much agonising we opted for a Sony there too, a DSC-V1, and that became our second Sony to work as intended. Indeed that camera has proved near enough indestructible and has no right to still be working after the accidents it has survived. Bit like me really. Not long after we got a Sony DVD/VCR combo too, and some alarm clocks - we began to joke that our house was sponsored by Sony since everything outside the kitchen was Sony. Nevertheless when they took over Minolta I was still dismayed. My SLR was the one thing I owned that was NOT Sony.

Still, I'm very pleased with my a200 and, unlike my KM 5D which had to be returned to get the FFB problem resolved, it has worked fine from the word go. But I admit that my confidence that Sony was a good system to choose is not high. I am sure Sony intended to become a major player in the SLR market but with the world economy having changed so much, so quickly, I am no longer confident in them pursuing the market with such vigour and having spent £900 on lenses a couple of months back that doesn't make me feel good right now.

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