Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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Re: can't wait no more - I have to go now

cityphotographer wrote:

next time and before you post about cameras and museums and
"professionalism" (yours?) in this forum you better be prepared to
accept the fact that there are "photographers" as well, in here,

better if you think twice next time

  • My professionalism is proven by the fact that my first paid photography job was carried out in year 1985 - and it certainly was not the last one. I'm not saying my photos are great - that's for other people to judge. But I am saying I was and am being paid for photos that I took and am taking for over 20 years. And my photos were published many times.

Better you think twice - before talking to other people the way you doy. I think that when people are rude in a post only because they can take advantage of the distance and relative anonymity, they are only demonstrating that they are insecure cowards. I do not use that kind of language here. You should have more respect for yourself and others.

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