Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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on the screen?

MICHAEL_61 wrote:

cityphotographer wrote:

lighting is way more important than the new gadgets (in particular
within the consumer gadget-fantastic driven segment )
in order for you to distinguish a 10D shot from a 1Ds shot from a
print (8x12?) it will take all your enthusiasm for the new gadgets
and then even more enthusiasm and in the end get ready to (easily)
mistake one from the other while I'll be laughing out loud.

  • Well, it was VERY easy for me to see the difference between 5D and

5D Mark II when I got it. Same me pushing the button, same lighting.

at 100% ?

now please follow me for a sec :

that's exactly the gadget-fantastic concept in full force applied to the gadget-fanatics and super enthusiasts (who else will spend a lot of money for gadgets?) (it was question actually)

and now please keep following me for a sec more:

where and when do you think that you'll show a 100% full resolution image (if ever)?

That's for your eyes only or other gadget-fanatics (but not really since in order to see a full rez image they'll have to download it for a considerable amount of time and in the end they won't even download it at all)

now were you talking about "clients"? it was you...right? you have the "clients" waiting for your expressions and pay for it (is that correct?).

now tell me about your "clients" and the full rez 100% huge pictures on your screen (for your eyes only and in the dark of your room and LCD monitor, all alone) and what that has to do with them (the "clients")?

I'll be here listening and waiting

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