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Re: Hey, thanks for the great info A'Ted

OK. Here are some samples out of the shots I have so far. I agree... I would like it if Sony cut the resolution in half to achieve a cleanest image possible. My sense is that the T900 does better than my T100 - The T100 was a lot worse indoors with flash.

ISO 80 f4.5 6.2mm 1/500s

100% Crop

ISO 160 f3.5 6.2mm 1/320s

100% Crop

ISO 200 f3.5 6.2mm 1/40s

100% Crop

ISO 1600 f3.5 6.2mm 1/40s

100% Crop

R2D2 wrote:

AustinTed wrote:

I just bought one of the new T900s.

I may need to trade in my (beloved old) T9 now!

One favor...would you be able to post a 100% crop (or full-size
image) taken outdoors @ ISO100 of some vegetation (trees, shrubbery,
leaves, grass, etc at a distance) so that we could evaluate the
amount of "Clear RAW" noise reduction that is applied by this camera
at low ISO.

Or perhaps an indoor non-flash photo @ ISO 400-800 of a person (with
lots of hair showing). Hair detail can be really helpful when
evaluating for any "smearing."

Boy I would love for Sony to be headed back in the direction of
retaining as much image detail as possible (especially at low ISO's).
My T9 (6 MP) is pretty clean at low ISO, and I can usually print some
pretty large images from it (good enough for gallery display/sale).
The T-Series are still the funnest camera(s) I've ever owned.

Have fun with your new toy!

Many thanks,


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