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Re: there is no nikon software support, IMO

dannv wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Adobe, Apple and others could be licensees of the same intellectual

They will not be willing to use it

based on your other post regarding code quality, they wouldn't be
able to use it.

This is exactly what happened with encrypted white balance conversion. And it wasn't just code quality, but also legal obligations and timing issues.

this puts Nikon in a tight spot

I hate to say it, but I think Nikon is already in a tight spot regardless of whether others use their code or not. Everything Iliah wrote is true. The problem is that, over time, such coding becomes impossible to maintain and move forward. Thus:

with only three
options: 1) rewrite from scratch which is relatively expensive, time
consuming and comes with no guarantees of real success,

True, but it'll have to happen someday because legacy code eventually becomes a huge liability when it can't be iterated as fast as good, modern code others are using.

2) contract
externally which is difficult to control and puts their production
cycles at risk

Yes. I wouldn't do that. It's the old make or buy issue, but with something that's as integral to the product as data conversion is, I would want it tightly held and defined by my technical team. This is why I keep writing "Nikon needs to invest in their software group."

or 3) continue to patch spaghetti code.

If you have seen the code, you'll know that it's getting very close to the point that Aldus once had with text handling in PageMaker: you can't change it any more, you have to use it as a black box engine. The problem with this is that when the underlying physical architecture changes, and it will someday, you're up a creek without a paddle.

this is not a new or unique problem to Nikon.

Nope. However, Nikon appears to think that just continuing the current approach is the one that is the best. History has proven it is not. I've watched far too many companies code themselves into a corner.

and, given the critical operational
concerns, many companies end up choosing option 3. unfortunately
trying to 'fix' your way out of a really deep quality hole is a
recipe for a mediocre result unless you have a really top notch
software visionary leading the group.

Absolutely right.

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