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Re: there is no nikon software support, IMO

dannv wrote:

Thom Hogan wrote:

The "raw conversion" part is what gets Nikon in trouble. They want to
control it. They want the in-camera engine and the software solution
to be the same. In theory, that's commendable. But in practice, it's
been the source of problem after problem.

i'm a bit surprised you stopped here (ignoring the irrelevant part i
snipped) without going into what i expect is the primary reason they
want to control it -- Nikon can't go to market with a new body
without software supporting the latest RAW.

While true on the face of it, there's no difference here than any other platform (OS, game, phone, etc.). I spent many years of my high-tech career managing groups that supported third party software interaction with platforms, or sometimes even doing it myself. The bottom line is that if you want third party support for your product on day one, you have to invest in getting that. Nikon has a mostly antagonistic, nearly hands off relationship with third party vendors, not a close, communicative one. The only thing stopping all third-party converters being ready on day one of product launch is Nikon's practices.

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