Workflow with RAW?

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Re: Workflow with RAW?

I was seriously debating between the two a week back

Here's what I found out

1. I had previous systems before so arranging and managing RAW from those systems and now NEFs was one part of need and Lightroom is THE solution for this

2. For most part, minor adjustments, levels and sharpening Lightroom is good and generally you don't need Photoshop
3. Transferring, Accept/reject photos are better in Lightroom

The only problem I found in LR2 is that when I tried to reduce noise of NEF file, it did not do a good job and NX2 did a better job on that and it was noticeable.

For this sole reason, I went with NX2, I liked LR2 for all photo import, management and other adjustments.

For NEF and Noise NX2 wins hands down

If I could afford both, I would keep both but now I am learning NX2 and getting better at it.

What I gave up when I switched to NX2 was the convenience of Photo Import, Accept/Reject and ability to manage RAW files from other systems. I also have to use Nikon Transfer to transfer my images and have to delete photos manually. But I can live with that considering a fantastic job that NX2 does in high noise images.

Now-a-days my work on NX2 is swift. Adjust levels, Color control (if needed) and Sharpening, Reduce Noise (if required). All these things do not take more than 2 minutes after the file is open in NX2

if you go with NX2, download VC++ Redistributable package from Microsoft and your NX2 will be much faster. Keep your cache drive to be different than that of ViewNX and that helps too.

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