Workflow with RAW?

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Re: Workflow with RAW?

Pat Joh wrote:

So what is your work flow with RAW?
Do you start with NX or photoshop?

As others have stated, the best method IMHO:

Open nef in cartureNX ( which is fast and works great on a new computer with good specs) It's mated to the camera and gets you the most from your camera. They are "at one" with each other. Nikon knows this - trust them.

Edit there pic controls, wb, exposure, NR etc etc

Import as tiff into PS (or whatever you like for tiff files - whatever you consider user friendly)

Than do more editing (rotation, cloning, cropping, etc etc)

Than print.
Then save as HQ jpeg with a good name

Then downsize image - save a 800pixel by 600 (roughly - for web and email). So this is a 2nd copy, name it Egretwww (www means this version is for web posting) and save it too.

Then close down programs and delete the tiff - its too big to keep unless you are a total perfectionist. I save no tiffs!

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