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Re: Does Capture NX really produce better NEF conversions than Adobe?

M Lammerse wrote:
Hi Julian,

I've been using Nikon Capture since the first version 4...than NX and
now NX2.
Al lthe time I'm using basically the same setup for conversion and
PP. That is, PP (batch) in Capture and than the sharpening and minor
final tweaking (batch) in Photoshop.

In the past years I tried out many other RAW/NEF editors/converters,
from Bibble and Capture One to that of Silky Pix and several free
editors as well. I feel that Silky Pix comes the closest to that of
how NX uses the info in images.

My first impression was that the NX conversions had a bit more "pop"
and slightly better resolution, when pixel peeping at 100%.

My impression is that NX gives you the files in the first place as
you want them to have from your camera...untouched if you want to,
with all the information in it and taken into account. Some other
RAW/NEF editors give you the 'pop' (read adding standard higher
contrast.) I want to have pop, but I want to have fully control over
it, by using all the information out of the NEF file, and that can
only give me NX2.

But then

I noticed that the default settings in NX were applying a bit of
sharpening. With USM settings of about 0.3/250/0, my Photoshop
workflow produced essentially the same capture sharpening.

I believe that the original in-camera sharpness settings are not
taken over by other RAW/NEF editors (NEF is not an open format). I
think the sharpening you saw, is the actual minimal in-camera
sharpening setting.

With NX
I do like the features in NX that can automatically correct for lens
distortions and aberrations. In my Adobe workflow, I have to make
these adjustments manually (but for most shots it's not necessary).

Should be standard of all RAW editing software...would be a huge
database with lens and lens setting info then
It should be worked further out in NX2, hopefully they do. I heard
that it does not work with all lenses.

Perhaps I have not run my comparisons on images which would show up
the advantages of NX. If those advantages really exist, where would
I see them?

All the NEF infomation is used in NX. I feel that highlight and
shadow recovery as well as using the colour correction tools are the
best in NX. Sharpening I do mostly in PS, but that is in my case just
a habit.
Furthermore with the lens correction tools and u-point technology I
can do more in NX2 what I first did in PS.


Really, buy PTlens, probably just as good or even ebtetr then nx2 correction and u-point technology is also available for Photoshop! granted it is a bit steep for PS, but you can get it, if you need it. As a total solution nx2 is quite cheap...

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