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Julian Vrieslander Senior Member • Posts: 1,069
Does Capture NX really produce better NEF conversions than Adobe?

I have been using ACR and LR to convert NEFs from D2X and D700. After reading several comments from people who claim that Capture NX is a better NEF converter, I downloaded the NX 2.2 trial version and compared results against ACR 5.3 on the same files.

My first impression was that the NX conversions had a bit more "pop" and slightly better resolution, when pixel peeping at 100%. But then I noticed that the default settings in NX were applying a bit of sharpening. With USM settings of about 0.3/250/0, my Photoshop workflow produced essentially the same capture sharpening. With NX and ACR both set to use "Neutral" Camera Control (or Camera Profile), a slight tweak of ACR's Clarity control seemed to remove most of the remaining tonal differences. The conversions produced by the two methods were very hard to tell apart.

I do like the features in NX that can automatically correct for lens distortions and aberrations. In my Adobe workflow, I have to make these adjustments manually (but for most shots it's not necessary).

Perhaps I have not run my comparisons on images which would show up the advantages of NX. If those advantages really exist, where would I see them?

For what it's worth, I'm running on Mac OS X, and a 23" Cinema HD Display (profiled). I usually convert into ProPhotoRGB.

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