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Re: there is no nikon software support, IMO

Kerry Pierce wrote:

I think they should be held accountable for the
things they did wrong.

Perhaps. But you and others may be thinking they did more than they did ; ).

I certainly concur with your statement that
nikon corporate is a control freak, but I don't believe that they
told nik software to goof up installation routines

I wish I could say more, but consider for a moment this possibility and see if you still agree with your statement: that Nik never touched Capture 2.2.0, including the installer for it.

or to not fix bugs/issues that have existed from the beginning.

Again, I can't say too much. But consider this: Capture existed before Nik touched it. You'll note that the Camera Settings (now expanded to Develop) Edit Step in Capture NX2 is essentially the old Capture engine untouched. You'll further note that the additions in 2.2.0 come in the Develop Edit Step. The primary contribution that we can see and that we know is from Nik has been the UI, particularly the Control Point notion. Has anyone ever complained about bugs in the UI? (Not design, but bugs). I've not encountered such issues with Nik's own software, by the way, which is another telling point.

Note that the box that Capture NX comes in is identified as a Nikon product, sold by Nikon, and the reference to Nik comes below the Nikon identification and says "UPoint Technology by Nik Software."

As I said, the picture control edit utility has
never worked for me, including the current version.

The Picture Control Editor is not a Nik product, it's a Nikon product, and identified as such.

That is only one
example of carryover that, at least to me, points directly to nik

Well, since you can't run it, you can't see the About Picture Control is Copyright 2008 Nikon Corporation and has no Nik markings whatsoever. Picture Control comes with other Nikon software products, such as ViewNX, as well.

I can't envision a valid reason for having installation or update
installation issues.

Well I can't, either. But the reason for them is lack of adequate testing. To understand why that might be, you'd need to know more about how this release came to be and who created the installer. Hint: you're guessing wrong.

ViewNX and NX2 are the only programs I've seen
fail with installation or updates, in many years.

Might that not be another hint? If you pull up the About ViewNX box, you won't find any Nik identity in it, just like Picture Control.

I think your recommendations are right on the money. I also think
that nikon doesn't care very much what you or anyone else thinks.

They should listen to someone, because Capture really has had a spotted history from the beginning, and it shows no signs of shedding that. Meanwhile, in that same time period Adobe has come up with a program completely from scratch that just runs rings around the now decades-old projects that we see today as ViewNX/Capture NX2. Personally, I'm close to abandoning my recommendation of Capture as the best choice for NEF conversions.

It's actually interesting to watch, kind of like witnessing a collision. Nikon isn't the only one that's taken this course. I play a game called Magic:the Gathering (though not much anymore because the software is of Capture-like quality after about the same amount of time ; ). Everyone, including Nikon and Mattel, think they can be a software company. Perhaps they could if they actually studied what it takes to be a software company and made the investment to do so.

lots of people
still buy NX and overlook the issues. Why would nikon make any
substantive changes?

Oh, I can think of a few that they might consider, including undermining their reputation as a provider of quality products. Given that there's software INSIDE the cameras, what confidence does it give potential users when they see that the software OUTSIDE the camera that the company provides has all kinds of issues? Food for thought, Nikon executives, food for thought.

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