Thanks to those dumping 5D for 5D2, I got a great deal

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Re: gadget fanatics

MICHAEL_61 wrote:

cityphotographer wrote:

in other words if you can't get a decent picture with a 10D then you
still can't get a decent picture with a 1Ds Mark III.

  • Not true. I can take (and have taken) photos professionally with

various cameras for many years. But I naturally want better equipment
to work with, same as any professional would.

listen to this poster. photography as a business is cut throat, photographers are a dime a dozen and companies want someone with the best image results, if that means having to upgrade your hardware often to keep up with the competition, than so be it, it is worth the money for the hardware; than the possibility of losing your customers to photographers with higher quality results due to superior hardware.

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