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Re: Workflow with RAW?

Pat Joh wrote:

What is the difference between lightroom and NX?
Is there anything NX can do better than lightroom? And vice versa?

NX is a raw converter specifically for Nikon RAW files and does an excellent job at that. It is the only RAW converter that by default applies the camera settings to the file when it is opened. In addition it has some editing capabilities, which I personally have come to like very much. All adjustment can be made globally or locally and the selection tools are easy to use without elaborate selection processes. The U-point technology works well and gives quite "photographic" results.

Lightroom is a photo file management program with Photoshop based Raw converter and some editing tools. The RAW converter works on 190 different RAW files with an average result. Lightroom is primarily intended to organize and manage your files; you can assign key words that allow you to view and organize the files on this basis. It is suited for high volume shooters and people who do not use extensive photo editing.

Photoshop is the ultimate editing program for files once you have done the RAW conversion (It comes with ACR which is very similar to the Lightroom RAW converter, with its limitations for NEFs). Photoshop is a highly accurate and versatile editing program with plenty of possibilities but it can be quite work intensive.

I do the RAW conversion in NX (WB and exposure adjustment, highlight and shadow recovery as needed). I am used to Photoshop and used to convert the NEF to a 16 bit TIFF after the initial steps above and then continue in CS3. However, I have come to like the U-point adjustments and the possibility to do localized adjustment in NX with little selection efforts in NX. I therefore now do most of my adjustments in NX and only continue in CS3 when needed (for instance perspective control) and other tools that are not available in NX.
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