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Kerry Pierce
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there is no nikon software support, IMO

Thom Hogan wrote:

As I've written several times now, there are certainly people who are
using Capture NX2 just fine. Indeed, the latest version installed and
runs on my desktop machine, and its performance is visibly better
than the old version. But that doesn't prove anything. It's really
simple: absence of a symptom doesn't prove a disease doesn't exist.
The issue quickly becomes: when someone does have a symptom, do they
get treatment?

No, they don't get treatment in the sense that you probably mean. If the cheat sheets provided to nikon support don't solve the issue or issues, then nikon support personnel wash their hands of the problem and refuse to discuss it, because it's "obviously" something wrong with the user or the user's machine.

They really don't like being told that they are the ones that are inept and that nik software has inept, uncaring software engineers. For example, I wasn't able to install any iteration of ViewNX on this machine, until version 1.2 and now 1.3. I couldn't install the NX2 2.11 update, even though the original NX2 2.10 installed without a hitch. According to nikon non-support, that is my fault, not their fault or the fault of nik software.

Curiously, the latest NX2 2.20 installed just fine. So, if it was my fault, why did the latest version of ViewNX and NX2 2.20 install on the exact same machine where previous versions had failed? The answer has to be that one of the nik software engineers screwed up and did something right, with these latest versions. But, the picture control editing utility still doesn't work in either ViewNX or NX2 2.20, so nik software should be happy in the knowledge that it is still bug ridden.

I expect it with any update to any software.

My response to that is that you've been trained by software companies
to have low expectations. Customers need to train the software
companies that this isn't acceptable. Instead we roll over and say "I
guess that's just the way it is."

Yes, I agree with that notion completely. There is no support for nikon software, because most users just roll over. I raised the roof with nikonUSA over the garbage that they sold me, especially after they refused to issue a refund. I filed formal complaints with the FTC, BBB and the AG's offices in my home state and NY over the issue.

Even more curious, I had a very lengthy NX2 complaint dialog in the nikonUSA support forum, with the issue being in unresolved status for many weeks. On the very day that the new NX2 2.20 update was released, my complaint was severely edited to almost nothing and the status was changed to solved. How dishonest and stupid is that, like I don't have multiple copies of that dialog and that deleting my complaints meant that it never happened?

The bottom line is that I'll never buy another piece of garbage software from nikon or nik software and I no longer recommend nikon to anyone who asks my advice. I can not, in good conscience, recommend nikon because of the way they treat their customer base and I don't want people blaming me because nikonUSA is too stupid and inept to do minimum customer service.

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