Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2

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Re: Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2

adr23 wrote:

issues with 2.1 other than I thought it was kind of slow. At any rate
I took the plunge and 2.2 runs just fine on both computers. It is
faster than before. I did a complete uninstall on both prior to
installing 2.

Define "faster".
Moving the sliders is fast and smooth with instantaneous results when
I adjust the image in a linear way, ie, set picture controls, change
the wb, adjust exposure, create a new LCH step, make 3 control points
etc etc. That's all "great", but say, after all those adjustments I
want to make a slight exposure adjustment. This is where NX2 fails
miserably - a 10-15s wait just to see it re-render the image. NX2
works OK in a linear way, knowing exactly what and how to change
things to get what you want. That's what I get on a mac pro, recent
mbp and imac.
With all those computers running NX2 "fast" I get to wonder if my
hardware is broken


I went back and played with the settings, as you describe, on my iMac and the most intensive adjustments took no more than 7 - 8 seconds. No other programs were running at the time.


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