Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2

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Couldnt agree more Mike....

anotherMike wrote:

I don't always agree with Lloyd, but enough that I subscribe to his
DAP. It's funny - when I was playing with NX 2.2 last night, I
wondered what he'd say, and then I read this post, LOL.

I completely agree with him regarding NX 2.2

I'm a software professional with +20 years experience with well over
half of that time spent in large enterprise scale software products
that cater to extremely demanding, large corporate clients, so I
might know a thing or two about software.

NX 2.2 is, amazingly, even worse in terms of stability than the
earlier cruddy versions. Trying to convert a single NEF yesterday
that lay in a folder with about 2000 other images, NX 2.2 crashed
giving a memory error - something the earlier versions never did.
This software is so poorly written (or tested) it's a laughable joke.
I used to think that AOL software was the worst written cr*p foisted
upon mankind, but NIK, with this version of NX2, might have "won"
that dishonor. NX2 is IMO the best for converting NEFs in terms of
quality, but by far without question the least usable and the least
stable. It's frankly amazing how a piece of commercial software in
this modern day and age can s*ck as badly it does.


Programming at its worst. Probably the single most inefficient piece of software I have ever used. I only struggle on with it because of the quality of its RAW conversion.

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