Why Sony will never rule the world....

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Why Sony will never rule the world....
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Hi everyone, here is a observation that I would like to share with you about the
struggle Sony has in the photographic retail market.

As a current Minolta user who will change over to a Sony SLR at some stage, I

phoned my local camera store the other day to enquire the price of a few filters. I asked out of curiosity the cost of an Sony A900, only to be told "why would you want one of those." That I would be silly not to buy a Canon 5D mark 2, the sale guy did not ask as to the system I already have, or for my needs. Just a dismissal of one of the best cameras around for my needs, to sell a camera brand that in Australia the best known.

It should not have surprised me as it did, because I until recently I worked in photographic retail for twenty years. Many times, after asking questions of people, I could not convince them that a Canon might not be the right camera for them. They would go with what "uncle John" had recommended or some sales guy in a electric wholesaler told him to buy.

My hope is that the next generation of young sales people who have grown up with Sony will be more open to this great camera system. If not, its a tough road ahead for the Alpha system.



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