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I've been involved with computers since college (70's) and had to use punch cards to input programs. I studied integrating computers/software into the workplace, programming and building circuits. I bought one of the first Apple ][ computers to hit the market. Was one of the founding members of the first Apple Computer club. Now I build my own PC's as well as have a 24" Intel based iMac I bought last June. For all that time I've installed/uninstalled probably tens of thousands of programs on my machines.

With that background I think most would say I have some experience with computers and software. I've installed Nikon software and used it extensively for years now, since I bought a D100 the first week it hit the shelves. The only time I've experienced any problems, crashes, etc. was with the early software. Haven't had any since. I routinely use it on three machines, a Dell laptop, a PC I built (and have upgraded several times) 15 months ago, and this 24" iMac.

Do I like the Nik inspired interface? Not especially, but I can work with it. I use it less nowadays since I've come to use Lightroom 2 more and more. I still go back to NX or NX2 (they run on different machines) when I need to, for conversion, editing but if Lightroom didn't exist I could easily have my workflow based on Nikon's software and Photoshop (wouldn't even need Camera RAW).

Maybe I'm too easy going but having problems with an update is nothing earth shattering as some have made it out to be in this thread. I expect it with any update to any software. There are plenty of knowledgeable computer users who will tell you that no one should ever install a major update (and I count this update of NX2 as such) as soon as its released. Wait a couple of weeks till any kinks have been worked out and a patch released. If Nikon hasn't addressed the problems in a couple weeks to a month, then I think people have a basis to complain.

I've read countless posts and articles lambasting Canon software (I believe I read one by Thom a year or two ago), Fujifilm's software, Adobe's, Microsoft's, Apple's, you name it, people have complained.

I'm not jumping on anyone here, just pointing out the facts of manufacturing/software. Its not perfect. Ever*. That especially applies to computer software and hardware. To be honest, with the uncountable permutations of hardware/software out there I find it amazing that these products do as well as they do.

with the possible exception of a paper weight, and even then it depends on how many parts it has. I stick with units that have just the one part.

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