G10 AF Continuous Mode

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Re: G10 AF Continuous Mode

Thank you for your kind words. I am indeed working on a major book about the entire history of PowerShot digital cameras, as implied by my posting name. The magnitude of the research phase of the project seems to grow as I work on it (I'm being very thorough and am striving for 100% accuracy), and it would not surprise me if it takes most of another year to complete it. There will be one or two major new model releases during that time, which I will have to incorporate into the book as well. Then, of course, I'll have to find and make arrangements with a suitable publisher. (Suggestions, anyone?)

I was born in Boston, but only lived there for the first five months of my life. I spent many years in New York State and New Jersey, and I now live in a southeast suburb of Phoenix, AZ called Sun Lakes (it's near Chandler, AZ).

I completely agree that the G10 is a fine camera; I waited for the 28mm wide-angle before buying a G-Series. Before the G10 came out, I used an SD1100 IS, which I find to be an ideal shirt-pocket camera; I still frequently use it as such.

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