Thoughts on Canon 500D

Started Mar 25, 2009 | Discussions thread
Francis Sawyer Regular Member • Posts: 170
Zooming while shooting is almost always for noobs.

Video on these cameras makes a lot of sense, given the lenses available and the nice DOF they provide. The problem is Canon's ridiculous failure to include 24 and 25 FPS rates. Given that they can do 30 FPS, there's no excuse to "overlook" the slower rates. And if those frame rates are ever added, they should maximize quality by maintaining the maximum bitrate the camera can handle. Who wants to bet that Canon will take this common-sense step?

If you really look at high-quality productions, you will seldom see zoom used. Zoom marks a production as amateur hour when used for composition. Professionals and decent amateurs move the camera. Zoom is for camp or the rare emotive shot.

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