Panorama - difficult to do?

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Re: Panorama - difficult to do?

You have hit the nail on the head on the manual exposure technique - I would however suggest using manual focus to avoid focusing on foreground objects in one frame and to avoid focus distance changes in panoramas that show things like 360 degree views inside a room - see the one title lounge on my page for an expample where auto focus would totally mess up.

Henderpete wrote:
Hey, woof, it's not the focus that causes different exposures for
your pano singles, it's trying to use auto exposure. You can't do
that. You must lock onto the exposure that comes up for the most
representative frame of the pano. Use the Spot button.
alternatively, you could set the camera manually. I freeze the
exposure at the brightest spot in the pano so my highlights won't
get blown out.

woofw wrote:
thanks jeff. I'll try manual, I was using auto focus, aperture
priority and multi segment metering.

Jeff/UK wrote:
I always use manual focus for panos.

Your lines issue sounds like an exposure difference - try using
manual exposure to get consistent exposure across the images - in
theory at least the overlap regions will be consistent so that you
get nice smooth transitions and not distinct lines.

woofw wrote:

I've been trying to do some pano shots but find that when I stitch
it together there's some difference in the overall colors
especially for skies. i could see the distinct lines where one part
is light than the other. Do you guys shoot in auto focussing and
using which focussing mode?

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