Re: Canon unveils EOS 500D / Rebel T1i DSLR

Started Mar 25, 2009 | Discussions thread
Reg Ister Senior Member • Posts: 1,724
Re: Nope, it's just a rip off

Well mcdonald is not the same price everywhere, and besides, we try just everything to make you come to the eurozone, and of course to drive at the right side of the road, and to produce better looking women and better working bankers....

Sorry...french humour....

I suppose it was just a mistake. let's wait the prices in the shops.

and anyway, you still can get a nikon, no???

Sorry, french again...

Reg from sarkozyland (since a few day : a banana-republic)

Leo wrote:

That applied not only to Canon but to all major camera manufacturers.
That is probably what UK taxes and tariffs do forcing suppliers to
adjust the prices. Suppose to be so called Open Global market rules.
One who know the trading rules and barriers may help explaining the

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