20D with 28-135 Lens

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Re: 20D with 28-135 Lens

patrick cardwell wrote:

About every 15 shots, I get blurriness in lower right hand corner.

Mine never did that, and I used it a lot, always with IS on. Sometimes I wouldn't nail focus, but that was user error. The only time I turned IS off was when I was using a tripod.

Any Ideas?

Sorry, no other than suggestions provided. On the older cameras, I used to get my finger across the lens, but it would be hard to do that with the 28-135 which I later bought a hood for and used. The lens could be defective, and if you don't solve it here, I'd send it in to Canon.

I really liked that lens even though others preferred others. It had a nice range. It performs superbly now on the 40D (I gave it to a relative). In some ways I miss it, replaced it with the 24-70. It doesn't have IS but is L and a little sharper generally but not always.

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