Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2

Started Apr 2, 2009 | Discussions thread
Iliah Borg Forum Pro • Posts: 25,754
Re: Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2

Capture NX2 will no longer run on my Macbook
Pro laptop. It installs and crashes out on launch.

Works on mine, batches 100 D3X nefs 8% faster than previous version.

I have no doubt it works on some, maybe even most MacBook Pros.

But it should work on all of them being correctly installed. Mine or yours anecdotal evidence does not change the fact that complaints happen too often. My point was just to report that I have it working, though, honestly, I was not thrilled to make the experiment hearing of the problems others experience. I found that the most reliable installation happens when NX 1 is present and functional in the system. Goes beyond me...

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