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Re: Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2

Iliah Borg wrote:

Capture NX2 will no longer run on my Macbook
Pro laptop. It installs and crashes out on launch.

Works on mine, batches 100 D3X nefs 8% faster than previous version.

I have no doubt it works on some, maybe even most MacBook Pros. But this is just another area where the Nikon software has had real issues: I get frequent reports of install failures or crashes after an update, and they appear to be generated by random configuration issues. Now for the first time, I've got one of my own to deal with. If you've got something installed (or not installed) that the Nikon software doesn't like, including former versions of some of Nikon's own components, you'll get into installation hell. Nikon's tech support isn't usually able to solve these things easily. And for what it's worth, trying a full deinstall and reinstall doesn't solve my problem. (To be completely upfront, the update installed fine on my MacPro desktop system, but for the time being I'm without use of Capture NX2 while traveling, which I happen to do a lot.)

But that's not the only installation hell. Consider this: you buy a copy of Capture NX2 from Nikon USA, but you don't live in the US or have moved to another country. You now try to download the update from Nikon USA but now you get into the "must have valid US camera serial number" problem. What the? And yes, this is a real problem. I've already gotten one report from someone who's living overseas with this exact problem, to which NikonUSA's tech support basically said "you have a gray market camera and we can't help you." Gee, thanks for the purchase of a US version of the software, but you're out of luck now seems to be the message.

I keep harping on Nikon's eroding customer service, but it is indeed eroding...

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