Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2

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Re: Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2

Hans Giersberg wrote:

This is the funniest thing (and probably the truest thing) I've read
online in awhile. Here's what Lloyd Chambers (of Diglloyd fame) has
to say about NX 2.2:

"...the biggest pile of steaming sh*t ever foisted on digital shooters."

Lloyd, what do you really think

Same as the rest of us. Capture NX2 will no longer run on my Macbook Pro laptop. It installs and crashes out on launch.

Meanwhile, ViewNX is trying to usurp Capture NX2 as Nikon's worst application. Click the Raw button to see the conversion instead of the embedded JPEG. Now click it again to turn that off. Oops. While the button stops highlighting, you don't get the embedded JPEG back. And this is only one of many big faux pas moments.

Memo to Nikon: your software is worth saving. But it is not worth updating just to add random bugs and crashes. (1) Hire a user interface (UI) expert. (2) Consult pro photographers about real workflows. (3) Get a real testing program. (4) Stop ignoring things like 64-bit and multiple cores and hire a real performance team.

Unfortunately, I know the answer already. #4 is a problem because of the legacy conversion code. #3 is expensive. #1 means dropping the conceit that Nik and Nikon actually design great UIs*. #2 means reversing Nikon's lack of communication with the community it serves. In short. The pile Lloyd refers to has been growing and will continue to grow.

U-point is an example of an inspired UI widget. However, U-point by itself is not a UI.

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